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Singapore Business Visitor Visa  

Applicant’s Document LIST for Singapore Business Visa

  • Original Passport [Current and previous if applicable].

  • Employment Proof and Pay Slips.

  • For applicants from business background Sanctum will suggest accordingly.


  • Form V39 A

  • Invitation Letter addressing Singapore Consulate

Sponsor's Document Checklist for Singapore Business Visa

  • Bonafide letter from the employer 
    Business Covering Letter from Employer to Employee
    Conference or Training letter from Singapore  association/organization if not been invited from the Singapore counterpart.

Sanctum Consulting Singapore Process and Services

  • Filling the Application Forms

  • Customizing Document Checklist as per the applicant's case

  • Paying the visa fee at the Bank

  • Submitting documents at Singapore Consulate 

  • Writing Invitation Letter format the sponsor or inviter

  • Helping with the required letter formats for the employer

Inviter's Document Checklist for Singapore Business Visa

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