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Overseas Job Opportunities: Civil Engineering Professionals

Location: Australia | Canada

Civil Engineering Professionals  design, plan, organize and oversee the construction of civil engineering projects such as dams, bridges, pipelines, gas and water supply schemes, sewerage systems, roads, airports and other structures; plan and develop transportation systems; and estimate and monitor the construction costs of projects.

Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering

Salary Estimate: $80000 - $ 160000

Jobs Outlook (2014 – 2024): 5% as fast as the average for all occupations.

Key Tasks Include: 

Key skills for Production Managers

Alternative Titles:

• Geo technical Engineer
• Quantity Surveyor
• Structural Engineer 
•  Transport Engineer


  • Degree or Diploma in Civil Engineering from a recognized university.

  • Demonstrated experience in project scheduling, cost control and Management.

  • Solid commercial and contracts experience

  • Minimum 3+ years of experience as an engineer in the construction industry.

• determining construction methods, materials and quality standards, and drafting and interpreting specifications, drawings, plans, construction methods and procedures
• organizing and directing site labour and the delivery of construction materials, plant and equipment, and establishing detailed programs for the coordination of site activities
•    monitoring changes to designs, assessing effects on cost, and measuring, valuing and negotiating variations to designs
•    Manage the repair, maintenance, and replacement of public and private infrastructure
•    designing structures to ensure they do not collapse, bend, twist or vibrate in undesirable ways
•    assessing present and future travel flow patterns taking into account population increase and needs change
•    designing the physical aspects of transportation systems such as highways, railroads, urban transit, air transportation, logistical supply systems and their terminals
•    studying architectural and engineering drawings and specifications to estimate total costs, and preparing detailed cost plans and estimates as tools to assist in budgetary control

•    Critical Thinking
•    Decision Making
•    Time Management
•    Quality Control Analysis
•    Operation analysis

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