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Indian Citizens transiting Abu Dhabi International airport do not need transit visa if their lay over time is less than 8 hours of arrival. If the connection time is more than 8 hours, even though the person does not propose to leave the airport, they have to avail a transit visa is mandatory. If you have a transit visa for Abu Dhabi, you can get the chance to explore the city and the tourist places.

To be eligible to apply for Abu Dhabi transit visa the passengers must comply to the below conditions:

  • Document Checklist for Abu Dhabi Transit Visa

  • Certified copies of the pages of the current passports

  • Application form completed and signed

  • Confirmed flight tickets for the final country of destination

  • Employment proof

Document Checklist for Abu Dhabi Transit Visa

  • Original Passport

  • A hotel booking is mandatory

  • Flight tickets 

Abu Dhabi Transit VISA

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