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Expats who wish to visit or stay in India for Visit , Work, Study  or Business can apply for Indian visa

Expatriate Visa: Apply Visa for India 

Expats who wish to visit or stay in India for Visit , Work, Study  or Business can apply for Indian visa. All foreign nationals who wish to come to India must have their own country's valid passport and an Indian visa. This is however an exception for few nationals who do not require a visa but only if they come from their own countries. Depending on the nature of one's visit, the following categories are defined to apply for a visa. These categories cannot be changed once the person has reached India:

Tourist visas for India

  • Foreigners can apply for a tourist visa if they are coming to visit friends or as tourist. Tourist visas are generally granted for 14 days -180 days Foreigners are not allowed to work in India while holding a tourist visa.

  • Most foreign nationals will need to apply for a tourist visa from the Indian embassy in their home country before leaving for India. 

Business visa for Expatriates

  • Business visas for visiting India will be granted to individuals for business purposes and not for full-time employment.

  • Foreign nationals coming to explore the possibility of setting up or actually establishing a business venture in India

  • Foreign nationals coming to transact business related to the purchase/sale of goods

  • Foreign nationals coming to India for technical meetings or attending board meetings or other general meetings for providing business services support

  • Foreign nationals coming for the recruitment of manpower

  • Foreign nationals who are partners in the business and/or function as directors of the company

  • Foreign nationals coming to India for consultations regarding exhibitions or for participating in exhibitions, trade fairs and business fairs

  • Foreign nationals coming to transact business with suppliers/potential suppliers to evaluate or monitor quality, give specifications, place orders, negotiate further supplies, etc., related to the goods or services procured from India

  • Foreign experts/specialists coming for a short duration for an ongoing project with the objective of monitoring progress, conducting meetings or providing high-level technical guidance

  • Foreign nationals coming to India for pre-sales or post-sales activity not amounting to the actual execution of any contract or project

Employment Visa For Expatriates 

  • Visa is granted to employees sent to India on an intra-company transfer or to expats with a guaranteed offer of employment from an Indian company. 

  • An employment visa is initially valid for a period of up to two years, which can subsequently be extended. 

  • In addition to the documents listed above, you will need to provide additional paperwork. 

  • It mostly includes proof of employment (e.g. a signed work contract), company information on your employer in India, and proof of your ability to do the job (e.g. academic and professional qualifications).

Contact our Consultants to know the process in detail and how we can assist you with Expatriate Visa

Expatriate Visa 

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