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Mexico Visit Visa & Tourist Visa

 Make The Best Use Of Your Mexico Visitor Visa or Mexico Tourist Visa for Upcoming Mexico Trip.

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Document Checklist for Mexico Visit and Tourist Visa

Applicant Documents for Mexico Visa

  • Original Passport [Current and previous if applicable].

  • Financial statements [Sanctum will suggest you the balance and the way to project the statement].

  • Employment Proof and Pay Slips.

  • Income Tax Returns or Form 16 A.

  • NOC for Government Employees.

  • Retirement letter and pension related documents [If retired from Government Institution]

  • For applicants from business background Sanctum will suggest accordingly for Mexico visit visa.

  • For applicants with primary source of income as agriculture for Mexico Visa application Sanctum will suggest accordingly.

Important Note : Holders of any valid U.S.A., Canadian, United Kingdom and Schengen visas, do not need to apply for a Mexican visa to travel on business, tourism or transit purposes. Please consider that immigration officers at the point of entry will ask some questions to confirm the purpose of the trip and to determine the maximum length of stay, which will not exceed 180 days.

Personal presence is mandatory for submission. The appointment has to be scheduled through email at least two days in advance. 

Sanctum Consulting Mexico Visa Process and Services
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