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Colombia Work Visa

Colombia work visa allows skilled workers to come to Colombia and work for an approved business.

Applicant’s and Employers Document Checklist for  Colombia  Work Visa

  • Passport: Original Passport with a validity of more than six months with minimum two blank pages for visa stamp. 

    • a)Photocopy of all the used pages of the passport 

    • b)Copy of the last Colombian Visa (if applicable) 

    • c)Attach all your old passports (if any)

  • Colombia Visa Application Form.

  • Photo Specification: Three recent passport size photographs with matt or semi matt finish, 60%-80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm) 

  • Covering Letter : A letter from the legal representative of the company stating his name, designation,passport number, purpose and who will bear the expenses. 

  • Contract or the form "Contract Summary”,completed, signed and authenticated by the parties, indicating the object of the contract, duration, agreement of terms of engagement, transfer or move as the case may be, salary, post and functions; 

    • a) Contract must specify that the contracting party or employer undertakes to the Colombian government that at the end of the contract,engagement of period of transfer, or in situations which impede performance of the functions or activities object of the contract, or death, or when the visa is to be cancelled, or there is to be deportation or expulsion in the terms of Decree 4000/2004, that it will pay all expenses of the return to the country of origin or to the last place which has been shown to be the residence of the applicant contracted, together the expenses of his family, (if any)

  • Valid document accrediting corporate existence, if appropriate, where the contracting party or employer is a corporate person, issued within three months prior to the application for the visa. 

  • If considered necessary, the accounts of the company will also be requested, in order to demonstrate economic solvency; or a photocopy of the tax return. 

  • If the contracting party is an individual, his economic solvency must be shown, with income of more than 10 minimum monthly salaries,and if necessary, a photocopy of the related income-tax return for the latest tax year may be requested.

  • Certification of the Ministry of Social Protection, stating that the incorporation of the applicant respects the proportionality between Colombia and foreign Workers, in accordance with the terms of the Colombian Labour Code, except in the case of an artistic, cultural or sporting group. 

  • Likewise, if the contracting party is an international governmental organisation, diplomatic mission or consular office accredited in Colombia, or an agency of the Colombian state, and the engagement of the alien is not regulated by the Colombian Labour Code, this requirement will be waived.

  • If the professional activity to be undertaken is not regulated, the applicant should supply a professional qualification, duly authenticated by a Colombian Consulate, carrying a legalisation or apostiille, with and/or with an acceptance of acceptance of equivalence of a professional qualification from the Ministry of Education. 

  • For other posts, there must be a letter from the contracting entity or employer responsible, certifying suitability on the basis of experience in the trade or activity to be undertaken in Colombia.

  • Ticket: Confirmed Air Ticket

  • Medical: It is advisable for applicants to carry an Original YFC (Yellow Fever Certificate) at the time of travel.

  • Please Note: 

    • a) All the documents must be submitted in original & one set of photocopy.

    • b) Certificate of Existence of the company to be given by a competent authority (Chamber of Commerce or export promotion council) where the company is registered.

Sanctum Consulting Work Visa Process and Services

  • Assisting the Indian employer and employee from starting till end in terms of documentation.

  • Helping the employer write the employee specialty occupation in technical terms with lay man understand ability. 

  • Filling the application and petition related documents.

  • Coordinating the employer’s attorney in Colombia  to submit the documents as per the guidelines.

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