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Nigeria Work Visa

Nigeria work visa allows skilled workers to come to Nigeria and work for an approved business.

Applicant’s and Employers Document Checklist for  Nigeria  Work Visa

  • Passport: Original Passport with validity of minimum six months and minimum five blank pages for visa stamping. Attach all your old passports (if any)

  • Visa Application Form: Visa application form has to be filled online by the applicant.

  • Photo Specification: Four recent passport size coloured photographs with matt or semi matt finish, 60%-80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm)

  • Covering Letter : Covering-letter from the applicant on company’s letter head stating his name, designation,passport number, purpose and duration of visit.

  • Proof of Employment: 

    • a) Certificate of incorporation of the host company in Nigeria (4 Copies)

    • b) An offer of employment from the Nigerian company, this must contain the position offered matching that stated on the Expatriate Quota (4 Copies)

    • c) A full copy of the contract signed and dated by both parties this must contain the position offered, matching that stated on the Expatriate Quota (4 Copies)

    • d) An acceptance letter from the applicant stating they accept the position, this must contain the position offered, matching that stated on the Expatriate Quota (4 Copies)

    • e) The Expatriate Quota with a minimum of 3 months validity, with the position matching that in the offer, acceptance and Contract. (4 Copies)

  • Proof of Occupation: 

    • a) Company Memorandum & Articles of Association. (4 Copies)

    • b) Corporate affairs particulars of Directors and their shareholdings there of (CAC Forms 2 & 7) (4 Copies)

    • c) Business Permit issued by Ministry of Interior (for companies that have foreign shareholders) (4 Copies)

    • d) Copy of current monthly Quota utilization returns as endorsed by the Nigeria Immigration Services.

  • Certificate: Original Degree matching that stated on the Expatriate Quota, duly attested by MEA & HRD.

  • Curriculum vitae : Applicant's most recent CV (4Copies)

  • Financials : Original Personal Bank Statement for last 6 months with bank seal & signature.

  • Airline Reservation: One way ticket itinerary.

  • Medical: 

    • a) Applicant has to carry an Original YFC (Yellow Fever Certificate) at the time of travel. 

    • b) Applicant should have completed a full course of vaccination against Polio, preferably with Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) and the original certificate has to carry at the time of travel. Please Note: Applicant should receive an additional dose of OPV at least six weeks before each international journey and the Validity of a full course of vaccination will be one year.

  • Please Note : Applications will be submitted only through fixed appointment.

Sanctum Consulting Work Visa Process and Services

  • Assisting the Indian employer and employee from starting till end in terms of documentation.

  • Helping the employer write the employee specialty occupation in technical terms with lay man understand ability. 

  • Filling the application and petition related documents.

  • Coordinating the employer’s attorney in Nigeria to submit the documents as per the guidelines.

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