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UK Work Visa

The United Kingdom welcomes foreign workers in multiple occupations where the employee can apply for intra company transfers for more than 12 months into a role that can’t be filled by a new UK recruit. You need to have worked for your employer overseas for at least 12 months.

Applicant’s Document Checklist for UK Work Visa

  • Copy of all pages of passport.

  • Copy of all educational certificates of your Bachelors (also Masters if applicable) degree including mark sheets.

  • Copy of Degree award certificates

  • If degree from UK, Transcript and degree award certificate.

  • Copy of latest detailed resume.

  • Work experience certificates (from all your previous employer )

Employer's Document Checklist for UK Work Visa

  • The job must require a qualification of at least an S/NVQ Level 3;

  • The compensation offered to the prospective migrant must be appropriate to the job and the local labor market;

  • The employee must have been employed by an overseas branch of the organization for at least 6 months immediately before transferring to the UK

  • The employer who wishes to employ the prospective migrant must have an Employer Sponsorship License;

  • To employ intra-company transferees, the employer must provide evidence that the UK branch and the overseas branch of the company are linked by common control or ownership.

Sanctum Consulting Work Visa Process and Services

  • Assisting the Indian employer and employee from starting till end in terms of documentation.

  • Helping the employer write the employee specialty occupation in technical terms but lay man understand ability. 

  • Filling the application and petition related documents 

  • Coordinating the employer’s attorney in UK to submit the documents as per the UKBA guidelines.

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