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A visa acts as the opening chapter of a travel tale. At Sanctum Consulting, we assist you in reaching destinations worldwide.

Established in 2008, Sanctum Consulting has earned a stellar reputation by helping thousands of individuals achieve their travel dreams. Our team, rich in experience and deep in knowledge, excels in handling a wide array of visa types, including visit visas, tourist visas, business visas, and transit visas. We are experts in providing thorough visa interview preparation and specialize in identifying and explaining the reasons for visa rejections, particularly for those looking to reapply to the same country.


Beyond individual services, we extend our expertise to corporate clients, assisting with business visas, work visas, and other essential visa services. At Sanctum Consulting, we understand that each client’s journey is unique. Our success is built on offering honest advice and tailored solutions that meet specific needs.


If you are seeking a smooth and efficient visa application process, coupled with genuine and transparent guidance, look no further. Contact Sanctum Consulting today, and we will meticulously explore your visa options, ensuring clarity and authenticity every step of the way.

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Our Services

We offer professional consultation and expert advice on the most appropriate visa options tailored to individual needs. Whether seeking tourist visas, visit visas, business visas, transit visas, or other visa categories, our services are designed to provide comprehensive guidance for various visa purposes.

Visit Visa 

Visiting family and friends.

A visit visa serves as a short-term entry permit for those planning to travel to a foreign country to reunite with family and friends. Usually authorized for a defined period, obtaining it involves a formal application process, including the submission of required documents, payment of visa fees, and, at times, the provision of biometric data.

Tourist Visa 

Leisure and Exploration

A tourist visa functions as a brief entry permit for individuals intending to travel to a foreign country for leisure and exploration. Typically granted for a specified duration, the application process includes formalities such as document submission, payment of visa fees, and, in some cases, providing biometric data.

Business Visa 

Training , Meetings and Conferences

A Business visa serves as a short-term entry permit for those traveling abroad for work-related activities, trainings, meetings, short term unpaid work, conferences, or commercial purposes. The application involves document submission, visa fees payment, and, at times, biometric data provision.

Other Visas 

Transit, Work , Religious, Partner

We offer comprehensive support for various visa categories, including Transit visas for seamless travel, Partner and Dependent visas when the primary sponsor resides overseas. Additionally, our services extend to assisting companies seeking Work visas and addressing various visa-related inquiries. Our expertise ensures a smooth and informed visa application process.

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