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Transit Visa for Canada indicates the time gap for taking next connecting flight or cruise ship from Canada to a third country.  A person may not require a transit visa if he/she is travelling to or from the United States. A person can apply for a Canada transit visa by filling out an application for a Temporary Resident Visa [TRV]. Generally Canada Transit visa is granted with a validity period of 15 days from the date of issue.

To be eligible to apply for Canada transit visa the passengers must comply to the below conditions:

  • Document Checklist for Canada Transit Visa

  • Certified copies of the pages of the current passports

  • Application form completed and signed

  • Two recent passport sized photograph (45 mm x 35 mm), white background, 70% Face visible

  • Confirmed flight tickets for the final country of destination

  • Employment proof

Document Checklist for Canada Transit Visa

  • Original passport valid for minimum 6 months

  • Application must be completed and signed

  • One photo of size 51 mm x 51 mm

  • Flight Tickets for the final country of destination

  • Evidence of funds for sustenance during the travel

  • Employment proof


  • Filling the Application Forms.

  • Providing Invitation and Cover Letters formats.

  • Arranging the documents as per the customized list to be submitted at the Embassy.

  • Providing required letter formats.

  • Helping the applicant with the in hotel booking.

  • Preparing the complete travel Itinerary including flight reservation for visa purpose.

  • Booking Travel Insurance 

  • Submitting the documents at Embassy.

  • Following up with Embassy on the case.

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