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Overseas Job Opportunities: Cartographers and Surveyors

Location: Australia | Canada

Cartographers and Surveyors  apply scientific and mathematical principles to design, prepare and revise maps and charts, plan, direct and conduct survey work to determine, delineate, plan and precisely position tracts of land, natural and constructed features, coastlines, marine floors and underground works, and manage related information systems.


Required Education: Bachelors Degree

Salary Estimate: $ 61,880 for all cartographers and Surveyors

Jobs Outlook (2014 – 2024): 5% as fast as the average for all occupations.

Key Tasks Include: 

Key skills for Cartographers and Surveyors 

•    analytical ability and problem-solving skills
•    team working skills in order to produce maps quickly and effectively
•    a methodical and systematic approach to work
•    high standards of accuracy and attention to set procedures
•    The ability to work independently.

Alternative Titles:

  • Audit Officer

  • Financial Risk Manager


•    A bachelors or master’s degree with technology as a core component
•    A keen understanding of people and management processes
•    Able to make important business decisions
•    Advanced technical knowledge
•    Strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.

•    designing and compiling map manuscripts using digital and graphical source material, including aerial photographs, satellite imagery, survey documents, existing maps and records, reports and statistics
•    Provide surveying team with tasks and metrics as required
•    determining the position of points of interest on the earth's surface including marine floors, and preparing the final product data in digital form
•    supervising the preparation of plans, maps, charts and drawings to give pictorial representations and managing automated spatial information systems
•    undertaking research and development of surveying and photogrammetric measurement systems, cadastral systems and land information systems
•    planning and designing land subdivision projects and negotiating details with local governments and other authorities
•    compiling and evaluating data, interpreting codes of practice, and writing reports concerning survey measurement, land use and tenure
•    preparing site plans and survey reports required for conveyancing and land ownership matters

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