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Japan Sports Visa Process & Document Checklist

An individual intending to enter Japan to compete in any sports events or take part at a specific athletic competition, independently or as a part of a group must apply for a sports visitor visa.

Applicant’s Document Checklist for Japan Sports  Visa

  • Original Passport [Current and previous if applicable]

  • Financial statements [Sanctum will suggest you the balance and the way to project the statement]

  • Leave approval if working

  • Pay slips for last 6 months if working

  • Tax statement if working

  • Flight reservation and hotel booking

  • Copy of PAN card /Aadhar Card

P.S. For Japan sports visitor visa please contact our consultants for customized document checklist.

Inviter/Sponsor Document Checklist for  Japan Sports   visa

  • Original Invitation Letter 

  • Schedule of Stay 

  • Original Letter of Guarantee if bearing the expenses 

  • Certificate of Income / certificate of bank deposit / copy of final tax return / certificate of Tax payment of the Guarantor 

  • Copy of Passport (First and Last page) 

  • Proof of Relationship with Guarantor

Our processing  for Sports visa for Japan

  • Filling the Application Forms

  • Customizing Document Checklist as per the applicant's case

  • Providing Invitation Letter format for the sponsor or inviter if required

  • Helping with the required letter formats from the employer

  • Preparing the complete travel Itinerary if necessary

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