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Overseas Job Opportunities: Architects and Landscape Architects

Location: Australia | Canada

Architects and Landscape Architects design commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and recreational buildings and landscapes


Required Education: Bachelors or Master’s degree in landscape  architecture

Salary Estimate: $63810 annually

Jobs Outlook (2014 – 2024): 5% as fast as the average for all occupations.

Key Tasks Include: 

Key skills for Architects and Landscape Architects

•    Operation Analysis
•    Coordination
•    Critical Thinking
•    Time Management

Alternative Titles:

  • Audit Officer

  • Financial Risk Manager


•    A bachelors or master’s degree with technology as a core component
•    A keen understanding of people and management processes
•    Able to make important business decisions
•    Advanced technical knowledge
•    Strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.

•    providing information regarding designs, materials and estimated building times
•    writing specifications and contract documents for use by builders and calling tenders on behalf of clients
•    preparing reports, site plans, working drawings, specifications and cost estimates for land development, showing location and details of proposals, including ground modeling, structures, vegetation and access
•    Prepare graphic representations of proposed plans using computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software
•    obtaining advice from clients and management to determine type, style and size of planned buildings and alterations to existing buildings
•    preparing project documentation, including sketches and scale drawings, and integrating structural, mechanical and aesthetic elements in final designs
•    consulting with Professionals and clients about external area designs, costs and construction

Contact our Consultant at or call us at 9030040088 to know more about this opportunity.

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